Mar 12, 2017

Fabric Bowls

I will admit that sometimes I create projects for the students based on an overabundance of materials.
There are SO MANY bags of fabric scraps in my store rooms that have been donated to my school and I just don't have the heart to throw them away.
These Year 5 students were due for a textiles-based project and created these fabric bowls by cutting and pasting layers of fabric over plastic bowls. The process was the same as papier mache, only using strips of fabric, therefore, the more strips and layers of glue the students added, the stronger the completed bowl was.

Once totally dry the plastic bowl was popped out and the top edge of he bowl trimmed with scissors.


Feb 18, 2017

Flower Sculptures in Clay

These flower sculptures were created by grade 3 students in paper clay. Students were given a large variety of fake fabric flowers to observe and chose one flower of their choice to reproduce in clay.  Each student began by rolling and cutting a clay tile approximately 10cm square. They then rolled and cut pieces for leaves and petals and attached them to the tile using the correct joining method (score, slip, stick, smooth).  We also researched the way flowers are made in icing for cake decoration and some students chose to use some of these techniques, particularly for roses. 
The completed clay work was so lovely that I decided against ceramic glazing as I felt students could achieve more subtle, realistic results with paint only. Painting also allowed for exploration with colour mixing and creating tone for a more realistic look.
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